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 So do you want to make a lot of money. So this the way that I would structure the entire income stream. So the way to create multiple income streams is this, First I want you to create your own products. When you create your own products it helps you gain authority in the market place. I am also selling the product of mine as video courses, and it also helps me establish authority as I can say, Hi!! I am Vardan Sahu and I am the creator of this business blueprint, so it’s like authoring a book. And you position yourself as a thought leader in a market place, where you are able to give a break thru, you are able to give valuable concepts to your potential audience, even before they come to your Paid world. So, your own products, actually help you gain authority. Secondly , when you add Affiliate Marketing into the mix, for example you are helping women to lose weight through yoga, you can actually become an affiliate of amazon, flipkart or snapdeal products like yoga mat, yoga gea
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Taking your Business Online in 2020

Taking your Business Online in 2020 is very easy. As we know that the Digital sector is growing with an extensive rate and every single thing is now drawn towards it. The world is evolving really fast everything is turned online, then why won’t you do it. If you want then you can take your whole business online or you can also just have a simultaneous Business online which will add an income source and could be really beneficial for you. Let’s contemplate the advantages of taking your business online in 2020: Work anytime from anywhere Don’t need any office or employee , can work from home . Don’t have much people on your pay role. Use any device to work Don’t need to climb a Cooperate ladder, You’ll be able to create your own ladder. Customised work Can share and spread your information anywhere and anytime You can become a leader , a Digital leader You can be a brand of yourself Relying on collaboration technologies You’ll be focused on adaptive learning You’ll be able to access demo

Want To Increase Your Income?

  Whether you are an employee or an entrepreneur, there are proven ways to multiply what you’re making right now so that you can afford the life that you want. Tired Of Struggling Financially? Every month, do you find yourself…  • Having to choose between which bills to pay. • Running out of money within 1-2 weeks of getting your paycheck. • Having to do a second job or project so that you can make enough to cover all your bills and expenses. • Barely staying afloat with what you have. • Using your credit cards to pay for basic necessities. • Making late payments to your bills or asking for bill reductions. • Constantly stressed out about having enough money. • Paying for expenses in panic mode. • Not making any progress with your life. • Feeling stuck as your debt or financial situation is not improving at all and you don’t know how to get out. • Finding your personal or business goals to be out of reach. If you are experiencing any of the above, you have an income issue that needs to

How to get clear on my Niche?

 So First let me make you understand that having a niche is very important because if you try to cater to everything You’ll not be able to crack anything .So Niche choosing is important as it targets A very specific kind of customer; there is enhanced customer relationships, reduced competition and also increased Visibility. And also there is honed Expertise because you’re focusing on one topic. So, I am going to give you step by step process to help you get very clear on your niche and below there is A downloadable PDF, you can download the PDF and go through the steps so that you can get very narrow and get clear on your niche. So this is going to be a workbook format, I want you to complete this exercise and only then go to the next step otherwise it’ll not make sense. So the first step is you need to narrow down on your niche. The first is choose only one from which topic do you have an expertise and you want to help people. Steps to pick up your niche: Think about your interests

7 Mind Blowing Tips to become a Great Digital Coach/ Leader

  7 Mind-Blowing Tips to become a Great Digital Coach/ Leader A  digital leader  is one who is intentional and inclusive, encouraging their teams to share their thoughts and ideas to transform the world digitally, take risks themselves and sacrifices, and be part of the decision-making and problem-solving process without the fear of going wrong . Being digital means being able to leverage people, processes and technologies to achieve customer-lead and data-driven business outcomes.  Digital Leader Applying the culture, practices, processes & technologies of the Internet-era to respond to people’s raised expectations. Being a Digital leader is a great responsibility and one should have certain qualities for being the same. The pointers you should take care to become a digital leader are: PERSISTENCE : Persistence in Digital leadership means hard work because you can’t achieve positive outcomes without it. Positive outcomes are connected with the  proper treatment of the entire team.

Top 5 Entrepreneurship Podcast

 This Shows Are Best Not Matters What You Doing I am Sure It Will Help You. 1. Fire Nation By John Lee Dumas If you’re tired of spending 90% of your day doing things you don’t enjoy and only 10% doing things you love, then you’re in the right place. My goal with  Entrepreneurs On Fire  is to deliver the inspiration and strategies you need to FIRE UP your entrepreneurial journey and create the life you’ve always dreamed of. Listen  Google Podcasts  | 2.  the HUSTLR podcast  By  Jeremy Ong If you would like to start making money online, whether it's eCommerce, blogging - we cover all sorts of side hustles and ways to make money. Our mission is to uncover secrets that side hustle entrepreneurs can use to generate passive income and build a sustainable income streams. If you need inspiration to start and grow your side hustle, subscribe to this podcast. Listen  Apple Podcasts  |  Spotify  |  Google Podcasts 3.  FREEDOM Business Podcast By  Siddharth Rajsekar Hi, I'm Si